Receptionist Job Posting
Only £1 for a limited time!


Receptionist Jobs was formed off the back of a conversation between Richard Hickson and a friend. This friend was struggling with A) Finding a new receptionist and B) Getting recruitment agencies to agree to a reasonable fee. In their experience, most receptionists move on after a year or so. Leaving the employer with another big recruitment bill and no chance of a rebate from the recruitment agency. As most recruitment agency’s charge between 12%-18% of the recruited persons salaries this quite often ads up to several thousand pound.

This is where comes in. We are aiming to be the go to place for all Receptionist Vacancies. Which also means you know where to come to find a new receptionist role if you are in the market.

So for a limited launch offer we are accepting Receptionist Job posts for £1 until August. Once August comes the price will go up to £99. So get in quick to get your job posted!